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I have been suffering from neuropathy for several years and have tried a variety of pain relief and cures. After my first trial treatment I could feel a difference in how my feet felt. They felt almost normal for the first time in years! The feeling was short lived but made the decision to try this technique much easier. In my preliminary exam I was surprised to see how much this affected my balance and coordination. At the end of 12 days of treatment my feet have been pain free, not numb and I find myself walking normally. At one point in the therapy I went down to the beach for a walk and took off my shoes and walked on the concrete path above the ocean around pleasure point and literally was in tears that I could feel the ground and it wasn’t like walking on broken glass. So as it stands now, I have been pain free for over a week! Maybe this doesn’t work for everyone, I don’t know. But I would recommend trying this treatment. Thanks to the staff and Dr. Tirri.

Patrick M.

I have been dealing with Post Herpetic Neuropathy since 2009. With all the medication and various other treatments I’ve tried, the pain has never gone below a 5. I started the therapy and am pain free. I didn’t even remember what it was like to be pain free. I am so unbelievably happy and grateful to have found this therapy. There are not enough words.

Toni B.

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